Cor(p)o Metropolitano
Cor(p)o Metropolitano (Metropolitan Choir/Body)





“Our history began in the community. When we were capable of becoming us instead of I, subject to a certain historical, spiritual and ethical sense”.

(In “O que é amar um país – O poder da esperança, by José Tolentino de Mendonça)

This project of the AMP was coordinated and managed by Mauro Rodrigues, with the artistical coordination of Sara Yasmine and António Serginho.

Watching over these neighbouring geographies that build the current Porto Metropolitan Area, we mobilized voices from its 17 municipalities to assemble a polyphonic choir intended to echoe the territory, based on its tangible and intangible heritage.

This Cor(p)o Metropolitano comes forward as an intermunicipal choir, made of 17 parts of a whole, capable of depicting the territory and its communities through a shared thought about themselves and their spaces, using vocal work and cooperative artistic practice.

Seventeen exclusive performances count with the choral and artistic direction of a team of powerful musicians, one for each performance, embracing each project’s distinctiveness and its relationship with the whole Cor(p)o Metropolitano network.

“… All pathways down the mountain lead you to the sea!

Prayers have been heard and the 17 are finally getting together!”

In 2022, the voices and the lyrics of this Song are bringing back the Cor(p)o Metropolitano, a project of social and cultural assembly, associated with cooperative artistic and musical practice, under the shape of a community choir of the Porto Metropolitan Area and its 17 municipalities, born of MATER 17, in 2021.

We give you the voices and the faces of this Cor(p)o Metropolitano and of “A Canção” (the Song) that invites us all to join it!

Our warmest thanks to all those who accepted this unprecedented challenge. The path continues from the mountain to the sea!



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