AMP 2030
Fundos e Financiamentos | AMP 2030

Strategic Outline and Priority Areas of Action

This document is the main output of the exercise carried out by the Porto Metropolitan Area (AMP) and its municipalities, with the collaboration of various public and private entities, aiming at preparing the next European Structural Funds 2021/2027’s programming period.

This initiative’s fundamental goal was to provide the Porto Metropolitan Area with the knowledge and the appropriate instruments to enhance its role in the negotiation, implementation and assessment of the next Structural Funds programming cycle.

The overwhelming relevance of European funds for public and private investment carried out in Portugal makes their strategic planning fundamental.

The country and the regions’ concern is now much more about the quality of the investment rather than its extent. The careful choice of investments and, consequently, the allocation of these resources, along with an efficient, effective, transparent and participatory management are mandatory conditions for the development and prosperity of the Porto Metropolitan Area and the country. The AMP 2030 Strategy is an introductory and comprehensive map, but firmly drawn based on the territory, which will prove its usefulness if it is able to guide the Porto Metropolitan Area along its way towards 2030.

In accordance with the adopted approach, the AMP 2030 document presents three levels of strategic definition featuring the following main components:

  1. The Vision expressing the aspirations of the Porto Metropolitan Area until 2030, including its ambitions and triggers for the construction of the future of this territory.

  2. Main challenges faced by the Porto Metropolitan Area.

  3. Main intervention lines, operating targets and lines of action to be implemented during the programming period of the Structural Funds to execute and materialise the strategy, ensuring alignment and consistency with national and European strategies.

These are the elements that support the development model suggested by the Porto Metropolitan Area, seeking to grant the coherence and consistency of the strategic framework, adapting the options to the conducted diagnosis and to the strategic reference framework (North 2030 Strategy, Portugal 2030 Strategy, PRR — Recovery and Resilience Plan and European Agendas).

The design of the intervention strategy also focused on privileging comprehensive and sustainable proposals is meant to articulate the land’s resources and competences and to promote complementary interventions, thus contributing to more viable and effective actions.

All of this is always bound to incorporate local and regional agents’ main aspirations, in order to encourage and boost a joint action, vital for the legitimation and implementation of the strategy in the Porto Metropolitan Area.


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