Public Procurement

Following the entry into force, in July 2008, of the Public Procurement Code, approved by Decree-Law No. 18/2008, of 29 January, the Porto Metropolitan Area adopted the Electronic Procurement Platform VortalGOV. According to the new legislation, all purchases made by public entities (city councils, ministries, institutes, public companies, among others) is to be conducted electronically only, through Electronic Procurement Platforms.

Therefore, the AMP established a contract with Vortal, S.A., the company that supplies the required service, in order to provide a free access to the platform for all its suppliers, thus enhancing their adjustment to this new reality. The Electronic Procurement Platform VortalGOV can be used free of charge to approach the tendering and consultation procedures carried out by the Porto Metropolitan Area and by any other acceding contracting entity.

For detailed information consult VORTAL’s website (in Portuguese).

Legislation in force, in Portuguese:


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