Funds and Financing

AMP 2030
Strategic Outline and Priority Areas of ActionThis document is the main output of the exercise carried out by the Porto Metropolitan Area (AMP) and its municipalities, with the collaboration of various public and private entities, aiming at preparing the next European Structural Funds 2021/2027’s pr...
Fundos e Financiamentos | AMP 2030
The Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência - PRR (Recovery and Resilience Plan - RRP) is a national-scope programme, with an implementation period spreading until 2026. It seeks to boost a number of reforms and investments aimed at restoring sustained economic growth in the aftermath of the pandemic, re...
Fundos e Financiamentos | PRR
AMP 2020
The AMP (Porto Metropolitan Area) is facing a number of global and diversified challenges. Climate change, the new energy paradigm, the ageing of the population, social risks and vulnerabilities, the economic crisis, the knowledge economy and globalization strongly influence the decisions to be made...
Fundos e Financiamentos | AMP 2020
NSRF 2007-2013
National Strategic Reference Framework(in Portuguese)
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