AMP 2020
Fundos e Financiamentos | AMP 2020

The AMP (Porto Metropolitan Area) is facing a number of global and diversified challenges. Climate change, the new energy paradigm, the ageing of the population, social risks and vulnerabilities, the economic crisis, the knowledge economy and globalization strongly influence the decisions to be made and the paths to be followed. These challenges demand the commitment of civil society and all institutions to develop and use innovative answers, distinct according to the different territorial realities, capable of generating value (economic and social) and enhancing and supporting a more competitive position of AMP within the national, Iberian and European reality.

Keeping Europe 2020’s guidance in sight, as well as the new regulations on European cohesion politics, the AMP’s strategy is based on the NORTE2020 Programme and on the Partnership Agreement, in order to facilitate and optimize the distribution of structural funding in its territory in the 2014/2020 period.

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