Área Metropolitana do Porto presente na Semana Europeia das Regiões
The Porto Metropolitan Area participates in the European Week of Regions and Cities





The largest event celebrating the European Region’s regions and municipalities took place from 9 to 12 October 2023, in Brussels. It offered a long programme of over 200 sessions and activities dedicated to the Cohesion Policy.

The Porto Metropolitan Area’s stand called "Discover the Porto Metropolitan Area" was installed in the Square Brussels Meeting Center’s Agora Village.

The Porto Metropolitan Area also participated in the #EURegionsTalk under the theme “Driving Innovation in Transport & Mobility by Porto Metropolitan Area”. The Metropolitan Executive Officer Tiago Sá Carneiro presented the new public transportation network, UNIR – Mobility in the Porto Metropolitan Area, discussing new ideas related to urban development and transportation.

Also during the #EURegionsWeek, two podcasts were released in collaboration with the @Magellan Circle.

In the first episode, the President of the Porto Metropolitan Area, Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues, addressed significant topics such as poverty and unemployment, emphasising the importance of broadening the perspective on social cohesion. He stressed that such social cohesion goes beyond the mentioned challenges, including cultural policies and tourism. For Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues, “we have to think not only on how to attract people to the city centres of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, but also on how to encourage them to explore and get to know the entire metropolitan area.”

Listen to the whole talk here:

In the second episode, Jorge Barbeiro, the Porto Metropolitan Area’s Head of Mobility Planning and Management, discussed the region’s mobility strategy and its future goals, highlighting the importance of promoting the use of public transport.

Listen to it here:

With over than 7000 participants, the #EURegionsWeek event was a huge success, giving participants the opportunity to establish connections and debate the future of Europe.

To watch the conference and recall this edition’s most remarkable moments click here:

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