Área Metropolitana do Porto premiada em festival de cinema internacional
Porto Metropolitan Area awarded in international film festival





The Porto Metropolitan Area (AMP) received the Jury’s Award for the Promotion of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the 24th International Festival of Ethnological Film that took place in Belgrade, Servia.

The award was granted to the film “Pão e Vinho: do Campo à Mesa” (Bread and Wine: From the Farm to the Table), selected by the Municipality of Vale de Cambra to be part of the Porto Metropolitan Area’s Intangible Heritage survey project (PIAMP).

The film was produced by Fernando Paulino together with the Instituto Superior da Maia – ISMAI’s team and is dedicated to the production of maize bread and wine in Vale de Cambra, as well as to usages and traditions associated with these rural practices. The goal of this work was to gather information and to document cultural skills and practices used in baking bread and producing wine in the traditional way. The film was shot in Vale de Cambra, following the municipality’s suggestion of the theme to represent it in the PIAMP.

The Porto Metropolitan Area’s Intangible Heritage survey project (PIAMP), supported by the European Union, seeks to recover the AMP’s popular imagination, through its social practices, rituals and festivities, as well as to play a role in the formation of the territory’s identity, evoking three fundamental pillars: popular imagination, memory and identity. This identity was transmitted through images, in a portal that integrates a film summarizing all the themes indicated by the AMP municipalities, and also a film covering each theme indicated by the municipalities. Further information at

Belgrade’s International Festival of Ethnological Film offers a wide vision over ethnographic films’ themes and introduces the work of film directors who explore the lifestyles of traditional and modern human communities. It presents different ideas, film forms and methodologies. It was created in 1992 and it used to present mainly national TV productions on folklore and usages of people from the Balkans and Slavs. Throughout the years, the festival began covering a wide variety of subjects on social and cultural anthropology all over the world. Further information at



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