Cultura e Património | MATER 17

Based on the Latin word for "mother", which also refers to the concepts of "origin", "home" or "motherland", brought together with "17", the number of municipalities that compose the AMP, “MATER 17” was chosen to brand metropolitan cultural action.

It was created in 2021 to designate a 17 day long large networked event inspired by Cultural Heritage and the communities of the territory. The event offered activities such as guided visits to venues where local crafts and expertise are preserved, the recreation of traditional Portuguese games that still inhabit the collective memory, unexpected concerts in heritage spaces and traditional food tasting. There were also artistic performances gathering community members, as a result of a collaborative process that laid the groundwork for the creation of the communities’ choir called “Cor(p)o Metropolitano” (Metropolitan Choir/Body).

Therefore, from 2022 onwards, MATER 17 stands as the metropolitan label for all the AMP’s cultural projects and initiatives.

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